"I was so lucky to have met Julian at just the right time in my life. I had just had spinal surgery. Julian educated me on joint movement and started me off into a great rehab program. If you are looking to help yourself heal from past injuries or present injuries  Julian can teach you about your body and give you lots of wise suggestions to get yourself moving again pain-free. Trust the process and be consistent with your homework he gives you!  Thank you, Julian." 

- Tannaya, Personal Training Client

"I was born with Kyphosis and Scoliosis. I also have two forms of IBSD and a problematic ulnar nerve. Over the last 30 years, I have been on a quest to find relief without medications or surgery. I have had every conceivable medical test and seen countless doctors, orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths, shamans, to name a few. Am I done yet with those practitioners?  You bet ya!   ReBalance Movement with Julian Shavers is the ticket, in my opinion, to living without an abundance of aches and pains.


Julian is more than a gifted movement specialist; he’s a role model for “yes, you can live virtually pain free.” His gift of healing is matched only by his insightful approach to comprehensive whole body wellness, through gentle physical movements without the aid of gym type equipment.  He instilled in me the practice of healing myself with fluid movements, meditation and drinking more water each day. 


I owe heaps of gratitude to Julian for assisting me in correcting my Kyphosis and Scoliosis to the best of my body’s ability, in a non medical, non painful way. His approach to whole body wellness has also helped to remodel and lessened the severity of both my IBSDs and restore function to my ulnar nerve.


There is not a single day that goes by now, that I’m not flexing, bending, squatting or moving parts of me, in some healing rebalance movement fashion. Oh yeah, and drinking more quality water! It is truly amazing how the body can remodel and heal itself within itself, when you have the right tools at your disposal. After 30 years of searching for help, I can honestly say for me, the right tool is ReBalance Movement with Julian Shavers."          


- Arizzona, Personal Training Client

 "Julian Shavers began guiding me on a physical and spiritual journey into health in the year of my 60th birthday.  I had fallen from a 15-foot height two months previous, fracturing three vertebrae - two cervical and one thoracic - and then spent 7 weeks in a torso / neck restraint.  I was pretty much a mess, not only from those injuries and the muscular atrophy resulting from enforced stillness, but from a third-degree separation of my right shoulder some 4 years earlier that had never healed.  I was lucky to be alive, never mind worrying about regaining musculo-skeletal integrity, but my future looked bleak ... would I be restricted to bed or wheelchair?  Would I ever run or ski again?  Julian was unfazed. 


He knew I had been active all my life, biking to work and leading high school students on wilderness treks in an integrated experiential high school program. Working carefully, in full cooperation with my physiotherapist, Julian brought me slow and steady growth.  Every week saw new capacities ... more strength, joint flexibility, greater range of motion.  My spinal column began responding, lengthening, straightening.  Nagging 'cramps' and trigger points, the bane of my existence for years, became manageable.  Most pleasing was my growing capacity to self-analyze and prescribe my own movements in a daily care program.  I leaned out, my shoulder girdle widened and strengthened, and I came to know a great deal about my structural deficiencies.  The muscles of my injured shoulder girdle had become familiar friends, and the damaged rotator cuff possessed an admirable range of motion and dynamic strength.


Today I once again confidently pursue a life of outdoor activity, supplemented with healthy nutrition and a focused movement practice.  I like to think that my physical body resembles much more the one I had when I was twenty than the one just prior to my major fall.  A great deal of the credit for this metamorphosis belongs to Julian Shavers, who continues to be my friend and coach across space and time."

- David, Personal Training Client

“Before working with Julian I had constant knee pain and shoulder pain preventing me from practicing with my team on a regular basis. I also had poor joint mobility and flexibility limiting my performance. After 6 months under Julian’s guidance I no longer have knee or shoulder pain and my body moves in a much more mechanically proper way at a higher strength threshold. All this was accomplished during regular season which is astonishing, showing the expertise and depth of knowledge Julian has.” 

- Brendan, Personal Training Client

"Before working with Julian my understanding of the human body was limited, and my desire even to want to understand the human body was quite minimal. This changed after session number 1. Every time I do a class with Julian, I'm inundated with an abundance of fascinating knowledge. The analogy I generally use to describe his movement classes are that they are like an addictive drug. I'm left always wanting more and every time I leave class I feel like the best version of myself. He's not simply a trainer; he's a movement expert who shows you how to adopt a lifestyle that will make you feel like a happier human being.


I've progressed so much in my bodyweight training and I've learned so many wonderful exercises and movement patterns while working with Julian. As a coach myself, I've always respected Julian's ability to train a very broad-ranged demographic. You could be 13 or 75, it doesn't matter, Julian will be able to work with you and help you reach your goals--no matter how big or small they may be."


- John, Personal Training Client

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