3x10m Mobility Template

I am always researching how to best create warm-ups. This template was created to help warm-up the whole body with the help of a timer (I use a small 2$ kitchen timer, but you could use your phone too). The template is simplicity itself: set the timer for 10 minutes and go through lower body mobility movements, then set the timer for 10 minutes of spine mobility, and lastly set the timer for 10 minutes of upper body mobility. Use either planned mobility exercises, or improvise throughout each ten minute segment. I prefer to improvise using known mobility exercises and sometimes I branch out into unknown movements through improvisation. Music can be used to enhance the experience.

Variations: this 3x10m template can be arranged in any order: spine first, upper body first, or lower body first. The main thing is to go through all three body groups.

The 3x10m Mobility template can be used as a warm-up or as a stand-alone mobility session.

Hope this helps!


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