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October 7, 2018

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Joint mobility as a life-long practice

April 8, 2019

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Joint mobility as a life-long practice

April 8, 2019

 Whole-body joint mobility routines are a simple and practical way to take care of your joints. When combined with deep breathing, centering and mindfulness, a daily joint mobility practice becomes an opportunity for stress reduction and a sense of well-being too!


Physiologically, synovial joints require movement for lubrication; its cartilage requires movement for receiving nutrients and eliminating metabolic waste products. Essentially, our body needs movement for lasting joint health


And it doesn't have to be complicated. I recommend all of my clients to develop a personalized, daily joint mobility routine.


Joint mobility training in conjunction with an anti-inflammatory diet makes for an even more holistic solution; but I’ll leave the nutritional recommendations to the trained nutritional professionals.  


In the following video is a follow-along joint mobility routine to help you with your personal movement practice.



Take care and keep moving,



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